Frequently Asked Questions


What parts of the body can be pierced?
Well, practically any part. The most common are ear, nose, eyebrow, tongue, lip, nipple and navel.
Why do people get pierced?
For lots of different reasons. Some purely for the aesthetic value, the way it looks. Some for the physical pleasure gained from a piercing. For some people, the piercings are religious or spiritual. For some, it's just a fashion thing. For most people it's a combination of any of these reasons.
What types of jewellery are there?
Hundreds of different types made from many different materials. The main types are rings or bars which can be made from surgical steel, niobium, titanium, PTFE, silver or gold. Another popular type is the banana bar, which is curved to fit in a navel piercing. Small studs are sometimes used in the nose and ears. New types of jewellery are being created all the time - we recommend you come to peruse our range and be inspired!
How long do piercings take to heal?
This varies from person to person depending on their metabolism and the type of piercing. The time can range from 6 weeks all the way up to 9 months. It is also absolutely essential to clean the piercing at least twice a day using Antibacterial Cleansing Solution. A full aftercare pack is available which will speed up the healing time.
It's only been a few weeks, but my piercing feels great! Can I stop cleaning it?
We would strongly advise against that. It's great that your piercing is doing well, and it is tempting to slack off on the aftercare at this point. But as soon as you do, problems will sneak up on you overnight. If your piercing is doing really well, you need to keep it on this course by continuing your aftercare regime for the recommended duration. DO NOT CHANGE THE JEWELLERY PREMATURELY!
Can Numbing Cream be Used Before a Piercing?
Some piercers will use an ointment similar to Orajel for tongue piercings or Ethyl-chloride for piercings such as navels. But all that does it take the edge off. If you are comfortable and relaxed, your experience will be just as easy without any numbing aid. Here at Shiva Piercings we do not use any form of numbing cream because we believe the piercing heals much better without it.
Does it hurt?
Most people experience some level of discomfort or pain during the piercing procedure. The amount you feel is influenced not only by the location of the piercing but by your state of mind. When performed by an experienced piercer, most piercings take only a second and pain is minimized.
Many people find breathing exercises helpful towards relaxation. Piercers will often work with your breathing pattern, piercing you on your exhalation of breath. A feeling of light-headedness during the first 10 to 20 minutes after the piercing is not unusual. You can help to prepare your body by making sure you eat within 6 hours before your piercing, keeping your blood sugar levels balanced.
Most importantly do not feel embarrassed if you do feel ligh-theaded, faint, or become nauseous. You cannot control how your body reacts and your piercer is familiar and prepared and knows how to handle these responses.


Can I get a temporary tattoo? (Something that fades after a few months?)
No! Ok, you may have heard that temporary tattoos exist and the true answer is that it is possible to get a tattoo that will fade, but your skin will never return to its original colour. The tattoo can be made by only going to a low depth under the skin and after a while the image will fade somewhat. However, some colour will always remain and you will be left with a horrible smudge on your body that never disappears! Basically, we won't do it.
Can tattoos be removed?
Tattoos can be removed using laser treatment. This is fairly expensive and painful and it often takes a few treatments but it can be done.
Can tattoos be covered with new designs?
If you've got a tattoo that you're no longer fond of, you can usually have it changed/ covered by a new tattoo design. It depends on how big and how old your original tattoo is. The smaller it is and the older it is, the easier it is to cover. If you want a cover job, come in and chat to us – we'll give you honest advice on the best designs for you.
Is alcohol a good anaesthetic for getting tattooed?
No. We will not tattoo you if you have alcohol in your system. Alcohol raises your blood pressure and this means you will bleed a lot. It also means that your tattoo would probably fade during the healing process and you would need to have your tattoo redone once it had settled.
Will you tattoo neck, wrists, hands or faces?
This depends largely on the client. Because these body areas are permanently visible, we will often only do such tattoos on clients who we know very well. There may be exceptions, so if you are thinking about it, do call in and talk to us. Please bear in mind that tattoos on these areas are more expensive than other areas – sometimes up to twice the price. We reserve the right to refuse clients for tattoos on these areas.
I'm pregnant or I might be pregnant. Can I get tattooed?
NO. There is a high risk to your child if you get tattooed whilst pregnant. You must let us know if you are or you think you might be pregnant. We will never tattoo anyone who we know to be pregnant. Please think carefully and be certain that you are not before having a tattoo.